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What is pitch2pick

Our mission is to provide businesses with the creative resources they need to fulfill their marketing campaigns and communication projects, all in one place.

Too many great artists have trouble marketing their work and don’t have the success that the quality of their work deserves.

And, too many buyers often have difficulty finding the perfect artist for their specific projects. Often, they refer to artists they already know or pick strangers found on the internet, both of whom may not necessarily be the ideal candidate for this particular job.

Pitch2pick is the perfect solution for both artists and buyers.

Pitch2pick is a free web site that connects artists such as photographers, designers and illustrators to buyers, and vice versa.

"We connect buyers and artists together"

Pitch 2 pick in three simple steps
  • 1. Buyers post the description and requirements of their specific project
  • 2. Artist members view the description and apply on jobs for which they have the right competencies as well as the ability to meet all requirements specified
  • 3. Buyers select the artist they believe best meets the needs and requirements of their specific project

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